Busy Working Mom Tip: The 15-Minute Rule

Busy Working Mom Tip: The 15-Minute Rule


Let's talk about the daily juggle—the constant balancing act between work demands, household responsibilities, self-care and the desire to create connections with our children. It's a beautiful chaos, isn't it? But sometimes, in our crazy busy lives, we find ourselves feeling guilt for not spending enough time with our little ones.

As working moms, we navigate unique challenges—wanting to be present for our children while managing the pressures of work and the outside world. We cherish the moments we share with our kids, yet finding time for a vacation feels like an uphill battle.

Here's the thing: I understand. I know the struggle of wanting to create lasting bonds but feeling stretched thin.

That's why I want to share a game-changer—the 15-Minute Rule.

Picture this: 15 minutes each day, dedicated solely to spending individual, one-on-one time with each child, doing what they love. No distractions, no devices—just you and your child, immersing in their world of play, laughter, and connection.
This isn't just about time; it's about the quality of time. It's about diving headfirst into their imagination, exploring their interests, and cherishing those precious moments of pure joy.
For your 3-year-old, it might mean coloring or building block towers. For your 12-year-old, it could be a conversation about their day or playing a card game. Whatever it is, it's their time, and it's magical.                                      
The 15-Minute Rule isn't just a solution; it's a lifeline for us busy moms. It's a way to ease the guilt of not having enough hours in the day, a way to infuse our lives with meaningful connections that last a lifetime. Because in those 15 minutes, magic happens. 

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With love and support,

Marisha Michelle

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