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Time With You Mommy and Me Prayer Coloring Book

Time With You Mommy and Me Prayer Coloring Book

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Life doesn't come with a manual, it comes with a mom."

  • Busy schedules may make quality time more difficult, but this coloring book is the remedy. Enjoy creating childhood memories out of even the smallest moments.
  • Relax side by side and create art out of depictions of bonding activities.
  • Includes 24-duplicate images of monthly quality time activity ideas
  • Consists of monthly prayers to provide hope and encouragement for mothers and daughters
  • Device free bonding time for girls and their mother/mother figure
  • Moderate in detail
  • Ideal for crayon or color pencil use
  • Perfect for daily relaxation, during airport delays, on an airplane, at restaurants, or even while waiting at the laundromat.
  • 8.5x11"
  • Includes affirmation bookmark and sticker
  • Includes pack of multicultural crayons
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